Modeling and firming the figure

Modeling and firming the figure – ultrasonic liposuction + dermomassage


Ultrasonic liposuction – The use of the phenomenon of cavitation, as a result of the action of a certain frequency of ultrasound waves, causes the breakdown of fat cells. Fatty acids and glycerol, which make up the fat cell, are excreted into the liver via the vascular and lymphatic systems. From there, they are excreted from the body by natural processes. It is one of the easiest ways to get rid of fatty tissue in places resistant to traditional weight loss methods.


-willingness to reduce body fat and cellulite,

-shaping the figure,

– increasing skin elasticity, nourishing it,

-to stimulate the metabolism

Dermomassage is a combination of mechanical massage and negative pressure. It is performed with the help of a special head with six movable rollers, and the whole is additionally connected to the suction pipe. The massage performed in this way has a strong effect on the connective subcutaneous and skin tissue, and intensely stimulates blood circulation and lymph flow. With the help of dermomassage you will get rid of cellulite effectively and for a long time.

  • reduction of fatty cellulite;
  • reduction of excess body fat;
  • body shaping;
  • elimination of puffiness;
  • strong firming and smoothing of the skin;
  • restoration of skin elasticity after heavy weight loss and pregnancy
The whole belly180 PLN
Buttocks140 PLN
Whole thighs180 PLN
Calves120 PLN
Arms120 PLN
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